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Danielle MacKinnon (Boston, MA) is an extremely gifted intuitive and coach who's appeared on TV and on radio across the globe. #x 2019 & she;s the Kripalu Center, and also a prestigious faculty member at the Omega Institute as well as other recognized education and associations that are wellness. Her school, the Danielle MacKinnon School of Animal Communication, has helped to generate the area of animal communication internationally visible than ever. As an exceptionally sought-after instinctive, she challenges people to rethink their beliefs as they utilize her insight to create positive change in their 42, and her skills enable her to excite, enliven and enlighten others. Each year, thousands of people into a world of possibility that is astonishing and through their struggles are led by Danielle.

Named among the nation’s & “Best Psychic Mediums,” and one of the “Best 100 American Astrologers and Psychics” Danielle is one of the nation& most#x2019;s most popular teachers on spirit contracts, and animal communication and re-connecting to your best self.

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