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Years back I played bass at a significant label rock band that tour the world. You'd have thought I had been having the time of my life. I was losing my hair in parallel using the bands success. To me, my hair reduction was equivalent to the world's conclusion; I did not need to dwell without my hair in a future. Yeah, the pressure on the band was intense.

As the group gained fame, my nervousness increased, and I knew I needed to be more proactive until it was too late. I began rebounding from doctor to physician searching for detailed answers to my own problems. Out of anti inflammatory physicians, and the 10 or naturopathic, orthomolecular I met with, 10 of them prescribed boatloads of hormones and pills that made me feel worse.

It was not long before I understood that nobody was planning to repair my wellbeing because of me.

Years after, through vigorous research and an open mind, I have stopped my baldness, solved my nervousness and become the bull (libido is fantastic).

Be sure to get your research and come to your own decisions. Trust nobody, like me. Please don't confuse me for an expert or a professional.

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