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Allan Hall is author born in Spartanburg, South Carolina and raised in Huntsville, Texas, photographer, amateur astronomer/astrophotographer, and an information technology expert. He has worked in information technologies since 1981, has been employed as a part time photographer and began his own commercial photography company. He was given the photographic and technical-writing skills he needed to share his passions by these endeavors.

Allan has released several novels, including "Getting Started: Long Exposure Astrophotography", "Getting Started: Budget Astrophotography", "Getting Started: Visible Astronomy", "Messier Astrophotography Reference" and the bestselling "Getting Started: With an Equatorial Telescope Mount." Articles, publications, and his images are featured on TV, in radio, and in both print and online publications.

In his spare time, Allan appreciates a wide assortment of indoor and outdoor activities, such as cycling, collecting fountain pens, fencing, and amateur radio. He's become a performer of the Huntsville Amateur Astronomical Society, the Astronomical League, along with the North Houston Astronomy Club in Addition to being part of the United States Fencing Association. Sue Ann, he and his wife since 1989, enjoy driving his MINI Coopers and caring for the cats they have rescued over.

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