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Dan Everett (1951) was born in Holtville, California. He worked at the Amazon jungles of Brazil among over one dozen distinct tribal groups, for over 30 decades. He's best-known for his long term work on the Pirahã speech. He has published the description of most Amazonian languages, and 13 books on linguistic concept, life in the Amazon, and also more than 100 posts. His book, Don't sleep, you will find snakes: language and life from the Amazonian jungle (Pantheon), was chosen by National Public Radio as one of the greatest books of 2009 from the usa, from Blackwell's plantations as certainly among the greatest of 2009 at the UK , and was a 'editor's choice' of the London Sunday Times. It was also a featured BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week. His book, Language: The cultural instrument (Pantheon), has been a New York Times Editor's Choice .

His book from the University of Chicago Press is: Dark Matter of the Mind: The Culturally Articulated Unconscious. Within this publication, whose main audience is designed to be professional cognitive scientists (especially anthropologists and linguists), he develops a new theory of tacit knowledge and culture which proposes a model of embodied empiricism.

His second book, The Way Language Began: The Story of Humanity's Greatest Invention, published by Liveright Publishers (US) and Profile Books (UK), is due out August 2017.

A documentary of his life and work, The Grammar of excitement, premiered worldwide in 2012. It is accessible via the Smithsonian Channel in the United States. The Grammar of excitement has won first prize for Human Sciences. It won the Young Europeans Jury Award at the FIPA Film Festival at Biarritz, France. It's a finalist for the best science movie of 2012.

A play based on Everett's life, Do not Sleep, There Are Snakes, premiered in London in the spring of 2016. Another piece of performanc

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