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I have now come to be an author, following being a truck driver turned real estate agent. When faced with many decisions concerning a relative's health and not finding immediate simple responses, I knew it was time to do this to put the information at the fingertips of others that had been in precisely the same situation. The information is out there, because I managed to find it, but it isn't very easy to find and never simple to put it all together in 1 spot, until now.

So I started writing books. My first novel is Silver Spoons Hemodialysis Cookbook. I then assemble a book of humorous events in my life (Dave's Ramblings) then felt it was essential to compose a book about food and vacations for all those influenced by renal failure. Diet is this significant part renal failure, and yet the information regarding food was so hard to discover and had to be placed out there. Confusion and over-priced information isn't an option for most dialysis patients and so I pledged to write as far as I could about the topic and price it so people who want it could more readily afford it.

My Most Recent writing is Silver Spoons Holiday Cooking with Renal Failure. It's also found in Kindle arrangement and in paperback.

I wish you all well.

Dave Capper

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