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David Bainbridge grew up spending his formative years in Washington east of the Cascades at a small town and enjoying mountains, the rivers and sage covered hills. He proceeded north to UC Davis to complete a MS in Ecology after earning a BA in Earth Sciences at UC San Diego in 1970. He also completed the coursework for a PhD in Ecology, however, was unable to develop a committee for his proposed thesis .

Instead he started a business doing environmental impact evaluation, subsequently transitioned to your solar research and design company, dwelling Systems, where he worked on neighborhood design, passive solar heating and cooling, building principles and solar freedom. He completed his water wall house and assisted conquer town engineering department resistance to drainage systems and roads. His study on passive solar heating and cooling system directed him into the California Energy Commission as a solar professional, where he got a commendation for his work on the passive part of their nation Solar Tax Credit plan and operate on the nation Passive Solar Handbook. He served as a judge to the Federal Dept. of Housing and Urban Development solar house contest. He established the Solar Institute where he continued research, education, and consulting on energy conservation and design after leaving the energy cost. He assisted his parents and has completed two houses, four remodels, 1 straw bale building and reconstruct. His design consulting work has ranged from homes to a medical office office buildings, subdivisions, a town, and lots of remodels.

He started work on straw bale building systems in 1985 using a consulting job for a farmer, a fascination that finally Resulted in the com

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