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I spent most of my own life not believing I had the right to consider myself an artist in any way. But then I started drawing in my mid-thirties and my life altered. It led me to travel, to meet with with people, for books but first and foremost it transformed how I see the world around me and I experience daily.

I believe that everybody has the same opportunity. Not to become a Professional Artist however to make artwork into a part of your life. It doesn't matter what your elementary school art teacher said, or even your parents, or your own own boss. You've got it in you to draw, to play an instrument, to write. You can and should express yourself. Whatever you fear anyone may believes of the results, you can turn into a individual that is creative and reach a new view.

I often wonder exactly what the world could be like if each adult was as free and creative as we all were as kids. I think that it could be calmer, lovelier. And I would like to do some thing about it.

Many years back, I started speaking about my experience of imagination and sharing it on my website, Within a month or two, the Everyday Matters group was formed and now tens of thousands of people get together to encourage each other in drawing and painting and making things that were amazing. They talk on the Internet and they get together in cities and towns around the world share and to collaborate.

Many of my novels — The Deadly License, Everyday Things, An Illustrated Life, An Illustrated Journey, Art Before Breakfast, and Shut Your Monkey —were written to help and celebrate the types of people I met in our group. Some are students, some were artists and designers. When they were well that they desired to go back a part of, but most were just people like me who had decided

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