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" Should you like Erin Brokovitch or even Kimmy Schmidt, then you'll enjoy Rosie Maldonne."
That is the credo of all Alice Quinn.

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Quotes from Alice Quinn (forgive the awful english translated) :
"that I really like to laugh. I really like when my novels are good for your reader.
For me personally rather die than to frighten a reader! Life is tough as it's."
"I decided to laugh and make people laugh to stay healthy, Once I discovered this quote from Voltaire: 'I chose to be happy since it's great for my health' I replicated his motto. "
"The comedy came to me late. When I was young I was always within tragedy and melodrama. I really like to laugh. Laugh seems to me the most good in the world. It's for me a sign of dignity, courage and elegance.The most mistreated by life People, are people who possess the most sense of comedy. However comedy is something it is Hard to share since we all have a sense of humor that we have. "

Alice Quinn has a lot in common with her Rosie Maldonne,
the heroine of Queen of the trailer park...
Like her, she's resides in the south of France, she is disorganized, she has kids, cats, and she has lived in a wheelchair, attempting to live.
She made all sorts of crafts, from theaters hostess to waitress in cafes.
She wrote since a long time past, but under different names, and she even starred in a musical in municipal houses, singing such as a marijuana!
In short, she's little experience of life which allowed her to imagine the character of Rosie Maldonne.
Contrary to Rosie, she has never been hot, She's twice her age, she's her Bachelor and her grandma never prostituted, not to her knowledge...
Her motto will lik

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