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Among America's leading human-resource and leadership authorities, Alaina Love is a co-founder of Purpose Linked Consulting, an worldwide leadership and organizational development consulting firm which forges connections between individual goal, passion, and company objectives. Love has almost thirty years of experience as an executive in a variety of industries.

After reaching a stage in her company career in which her work was no more tasked with her goal, she boldly resigned from a leading position to pursue her own route. It was that experience that functioned as the birthing ground for her research into the expression of passion and purpose at work.

In a recent interview, Love captured the basis of her brand new book with co-author, Marc Cugnon, "THE PURPOSE LINKED ORGANIZATION":

"Our company has ever done through our research will be provide a frame for considering employee function and enthusiasm, and it's a frame that's actionable.

We view function as deep internal driver which propels us throughout life and gives meaning to our job. Passion, on the other hand, is the counterpart. Passion is the outward manifestation of function, that makes it easier to comprehend and recognize, as it can be observed. We love to think about passion and purpose as the twin strands of the DNA of someone's character. With the resources we describe in THE PURPOSE LINKED ORGANIZATION, such as The Fire Profiler (tm), leaders can now identify and quantify employee passion."

Person job seekers will find the book helpful as well. Learning about the passions and how to apply them at work, gives an invaluable career roadmap for today's challenging market, permitting you to "do who you're" rather than trying to "be everything you do."

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