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Former Navy SEAL, Dave McCracken is believed by many to be the world's greatest authority on small pastime and commercial suction dredging and surface mining for gold. He's prospected for gold broadly in Northern California as well as South and Central America, Africa, Madagascar, Borneo, West Sumatra, Canada, India, Viet Nam & Cambodia and other locations in Asia. His ground-breaking first book, Gold Dredgers Handbook is still the world’s best-selling book on prospecting following over 30 years! Every subsequent book has replicated the first on the best-seller list and been linked with several quite popular How-to Videos.

The popularity of Dave's books and videos is not hard to understand. In vivid detail, with many descriptive illustrations and images, and an engaging first person writing style, he shares the secrets and techniques that have brought him enormous success as a submerged miner, year after year, decade after decade, even all over the world. Dave shows you just how to do exactly what he's done, including how to maximize your return by quickly locating high-grade pay-streaks that can cause multiple ounces of gold retrieval within a moment! The gold is on the market. Dave shows you just what you need to do to go get it.

Dave realized early on that one of the best obstacles to anyone desiring to conduct hobby and small commercial gold mining was at finding a place to mine. One that was a proven manufacturer rather than off-limits due to personal property, personal mining claims or authorities mineral withdrawals. After accumulating over 60 miles of golden mining property along the gold-rich Klamath River in Northern California, Dave opened all his claims members of the recently formed New 49er Gold Prospectors Association in late 1985, together with members getting to keep all the gold that they found! The claims established so wealthy That Lots of members became full-time, prosperous gold

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