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I was born in Manchester in the North West of England in 1957. Although I have moved around a bit, Manchester remains both my physical and spiritual home. I am a Northerner. I am also married to Rosanna, and have been now for over twenty years. I have an imagination that began when I was quite young rather than waned. I also like reading and thus that it was no surprise I suppose when I started composing. Because I am an unknown who has never been picked up by either an Agent or mainstream Publisher, I am a bit of a 1 man band. I even do my addresses and have come to be a small digital artist as a result. I began writing when I was young and quite poor. Now I am older and a great deal better. My writing has improved too. I write science fiction, romance and fantasy tales. I also like to mix and match with love from science fiction and so forth. Among the very first novels I read as a child was Gone with the Wind, and since then I have continued to read and enjoy books where women feature prominently in the narrative, the truth is I tend to prefer books in which the woman is the leading character. This is probably why I also like writing stories in which the feminine characters feature very prominently, a lot of them in strong and appealing leading characters. It provides my stories a feminine bias, but I believe that they are better for it. I also enjoy every nature, even the creatures and villains, to have a sensible purpose for being and doing what they do. Like fact, everything blurs. There's no right or wrong, only different perspectives that lead to conflict. However, I like my outside and out villains to be very bad. If you want science fiction, thrillers and love stories with special emphasis on leading female characters that are exciting and adventurous, look no more. You might even visit my website at

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