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A memoir of Texas Tales

I'd love to tell you people a bit about my new ebook. "Travels With Grandpaw" is Tuesdays With Morrie--in Boots. I'm usually known for the kids ' picture books. That is my venture into re writing for adults. It's my coming of age story with Texas in the last century for a backdrop. A memoir of Texas tales.

I went together with my beloved "Grandpaw" Raymond Lacy (1905-97) around Texas in a relationship which spanned forty-nine decades. He taught me concerning hunting, fishing, loving, kindness, courage and lack. We had several adventures and you may share them, too.

Visit South Texas since Grandpaw faces off against the smartest stub-tailed one-eyed pirate of a rat in in the Lone Star State. As told through an old cowboy born in 1869 traveling back to a Hill Country Christmas from the 1880's. Corner a wild tomcat in a Cherokee County outhouse together with Raymond Alton at 1910, and his brother. An early 1900's East Texas Christmas having a buckboard full of songs, also a fresh Barlow pocket knife, roman candles, firewater, and a type old Cherokee named Joe.

Come along with David, and observe a massive skeet shooting contest between Grandpaw with his older square-backed Browning and also an arrogant skeet shot shooting an engraved Beretta over and under out of San Antonio at 1960. Watch Grandpaw and David as they experience a dancing duck burglar near Indianola, Texas.

Attend a Nation wake at the Texas Piney Woods. Ride along with the ring in 1920 of Ray if they play with with a dance -- and need to fend off a bunch of troublemakers along with also a vicious pit bull. Stand beside Grandpaw as he stands up from four young hoodlums-- he was in his eighties!

This publication is all about growing up, growing old, and the wheel of existence, but mainly it is all about bliss--also Raymond Lacy, an unbribed soul.


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