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David Fletcher Chase is an old soul in a 35-year-old's body.

“I’m convinced that this is my final incarnation”, he said. “I don’t even want to do anything to screw up that, you understand, and be forced to come back with a different name and face. ”

DFC, since he would like to be called, after came face to face with a phantom in the old Woolworth Mansion on Long Island.

“I was using a world-renowned medium/clairvoyant along with a film crew to some creepy and rainy night – something right out of Scooby Doo! We were carrying this séance through candlelight at Mr. Woolworth’s second ground research while the owners of the area were downstairs thinking we had been doing an architectural analysis rather than a ghost hunt. Nobody has been coming through, so I just shouted out, ‘C’mon, show your self, you sorry loaded bastard’. And he did. Mr. Woolworth revealed his face – but only to me. I stared him down there. I can feel his connection to the occult and black magic and the animal sacrifices he had presided over in that area. ”

If you’re a ghost having issues, DFC is the guy. He’s been fascinated with the mind and psychology as the fourth tier.

“Miss Krummin taught us#x2018;magical pencil’ hint. Essentially, you have a unique looking pen, keep it visible while you study, then conceal away the pencil until it ’s time to choose the test. Use the pencil when taking the test and you'll have total recall of what you studied”.

His grades in college don& ##x2019;t precisely prove the “magic pencil” trick works too well. But his college years in Dartmouth were consumed with emotional pursuits – why people do what they do and the path they ’ve traveled to develop into the person that they currently are. A victim of Post Traumatic Stress

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