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Dave Cornford has long balanced innovative pursuits in writing, stage directing, videography and gastronomy with a profession handling numbers.

His first publication, "Cracks in the Ceiling" (2011), is a selection of short stories set in the wake of this Global Financial Crisis, even though his next, "Nanna's Traveling Tips" (2012), is a humourous look at journey through the eyes of "Nanna".

He has also published:

"The Queensberry Rule". A book about the dark side of revival, and the illusiveness of redemption.

The "Advanced Smash Repairs" chain, which can be set at a smash repair business that "knows a lot" Quirky and off-beat, the series is available in six distinct events, or as one "six pack"

The Annals of this 17th Man series currently includes three books of unhinged cricket humour, written in diary form by the "17th Person" - the previous man chosen in the Austrlaian Cricket Team.

"Live-Fiction" is an ongoing series of novellas, each tackling a contemporary issue through a fictional lens. There are now over a dozen stories and three antholgies readily available, in addition to a podcast.

Dave lives in Sydney with his wife and three children.

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