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David Stewart White started his adventures in household travel for a kid when he traveled throughout Europe and lived in Paris. He is the author of Let's Take the Kids Beyond Downton Abbey, to London, also Portugal - A Story of Little Cities.

His travel articles have appeared in the Washington Post, the Charlotte Observer,, AAA World Magazine, and in several travel sites and Internet magazines.
TRAVELS BEYOND DOWNTON (Paperback edition)
BEYOND DOWNTON ABBEY Volume 1 (Kindle edition)

Travels Beyond Downton (paperback) is a manual to 25 great homes in Britain, with 25 compelling stories and 25 reasons to go to. This publication is also accessible as a Kindle e-book as Beyond Downton Abbey Volume 1.

The favorite television show Downton Abbey is only the beginning. Britain is filled with castles, historic homes and palaces. Join us as we take you to dozens of their greatest most quirky houses in England and Wales. Travels Beyond Downton is full of fascinating tidbits in the background of their houses and the families that worked and lived in them.

Full colour, with beautiful photos, this is a guidebook for serious travelers and armchair tourists alike. To find out more, check our site at
Like a road trip through the British countryside, Beyond Downton Abbey, Volume 2 - A Guide to Great Houses takes readers to go to some of their very impressive manor houses, castles and palaces from Great Britain.

There are plenty of reasons why individuals are drawn into the stately mansions of Britain: architecture, interior design, artwork, gardens, romance, culture and history. No matter the motive that brings each guest to the brink of a Excellent house -- possibly in a book or on a trip -- what keeps us coming ba

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