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We called our first collection of brown-egg chickens our "illicit biddies" since they were not strictly legal in the city. My spouse and children and that I thoroughly enjoyed the encounter, delighting in the antics of the hens & #x 2014; till there came a call from our alderman and also we needed to find them a new house and relishing the eggs. Our present flock of four layers live in more enlightened times. Today, tens of thousands of municipalities allow poultry flocks. More and more people are currently experiencing the joys of maintaining a few chickens, watching them love vegetable scraps and meticulously scratch grubs and insects up. Then, they supply eggs that are fresh, while donating manure. It's a fascinating cycle to be a part of.

Our flock inspired me to contact Creative Homeowner about doing a book on chickens. They had a much better idea, a book on the topic of food self-sufficiency. Backyard Homesteading is the outcome. I hope you find it a useful addition. I enjoyed working on the book because I got to see scores of garden farms and talk with individuals passionate about matters such as top-bar bee hives, heritage tomatoes, and pygmy goats. Their canny and hard-won knowledge tips of the trade were invaluable.

That exposure dovetailed with the summers I spent in my grandparents' farm in west-central Illinois. The farm has been a farm that is searchable, the rarity, using not just row crops like soybeans and corn, but fields of alfalfa, oats, and hay, in addition to cows, hogs, and traces. In addition, a enormous garden yielded a basement full of canned vegetables. I saw my grandfather butcher chickens, utilizing the axe and chopping block approach. The odor of poultry feathers that are scalded is. I was given an exposure to how our food is produced and a lifelong passion of working the soil by that farm. Additionally, It taught lessons about

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