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Allen's credits include: New York Times reporter, TV reality show podcast sponsor, rubber ducky salesman, love attention, marathon runner and restaurant prep cook. Besides writing for many outlets-- New York Magazine, The Observer, Details, Edible, '' New York Post... hell, also Cosmopolitan -- he has throw industrial films from Hong Kong, chose oranges in Crete, also peddled oil paintings Founded from Western Australia. Allen is a hobby of attending Summer Olympics: 7 thus far two canals and a World Cup.

He also attended U.C. Berkeley (Go Bears!). -- graduation supper Chez Panisse downstairs), Calabasas High (pre-Kardashians), and N.Y.U.'s Journalism Masters Program. He has since taught at N.Y.U.

"From Scratch" is Allen's second publication. He composed "Festivus: The Holiday for the Rest of Us", a little lighter affair, even a couple of decades ago. You can still check that out in

A number of Allen's preferred topics he's written on include: Monocles (They're Back), Annie Leibovitz's finances, and the last waterbed salesman at the San Francisco Bay Area.

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