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Dave obtained a love of art and the outside. He wandered the mountain ponds and streams, drawing, photographing and fishing throughout his youth in the years before sprawl place in, and if posted signals were rarely seen. After high school, he attended school for a single year, majoring in 'having a fantastic time,' then enjoyed in the U.S. Navy where he braved the dangers of California to the next 4 decades.

Having grown up within shouting distance of Woodstock, NY, it isn't surprising he climbed an interest in drawing, painting, pottery, pictures, songs, and maintaining something of the crazy temperament of the mountains. Following the Navy, he moved into the Adirondacks and attended faculty once again, but using focus this time. He functioned for a advertising company as the Writer and taught college English, served as a college administrator, managed a sporting goods shop, and graduated with a master's degree. He was lure designer, fly tyer, a counsel and also an advocate for wildlife conservation and environmental preservation. He stays so and continued to be a dynamic artist. He also designs custom electric guitars also writes a little music.

His dad's fear that his fascination with fish and fishing could prevent him from ever getting an education and making an adequate living were only partially realized. He regrets a minute of it, also quotes the adage, "the hours a guy spends fishing are not counted from his allotted time in the world." About 250 years he expects to live when it's accurate.

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