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Tell us a little about yourself, your desktop, along with your family.

"I climbed up a three'second walk from Puget Sound in west Seattle. We used to go down to the beach, dig butter clams, flip over rocks and watch boat races on Sunday afternoons. My parents met at Westside Presbyterian Church, once it became abandoned 'liberal,' then moved straight back again when they realized that church was still quite good'it required approximately fifteen decades.

"Like G. K. Chesterton, I would need to say, 'I'm sorry if the picture or the people today appear disappointingly commendable and even moderate, and also deficient in most of those unpleasant qualities that produce a biography really common.' I grew up in a joyous color household, where there were plenty of books. We moved to Christian and Awana summer camps and memorized Bible verses.

"When I was in sixth grade, the Vietnam War ended, Seattle went bankrupt, and we all proceeded to Alaska for several decades. I've loved mountains, wildflowers, and berries ever since. Many things happened on the market. We spent two summers on the planet at Echo Ranch Bible Camp, north of Juneau, the most amazing place, and I 'received Jesus.' I learned about being an outsider. We got a dog, a St. Bernard/Husky/German Shepherd mix, born for Alaska. And I began reading C. S. Lewis, a custom that I haven't busted yet. Narnia was discovered by me at the basement of my parents' friends from church.

What led you to located the Kuai Mu Institute for Christianity and World Cultures? What exactly does it exist to do?

"Kuai Mu' (pronounced 'kwi moo') is the name of a historical evergreen that grows high in the mountains of Taiwan, '' like a redwood. The name relates to our requirement

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