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Turning into a author isn't something I would have ever dreamed of doing. However, just like they inform you in welding school "You don't know in which a career in welding can direct overly" it just happened. Five years ago I could hardly write two paragraphs in an hour and now here come the books. As a career welder who enjoys business you learn how to adapt and do what has to be carried out.

My desktop is extremely strange and it starts with I never completed high school. Since I'm a hands-on kind of man I never had a need for a formal instruction or cared anything about it. Growing up in a working class family and when I say working class, I mean my dad was a general contractor/custom house builder who always had you working after course. I learned at a early age a good deal about the construction business and what it required to keep a company like the running. Throughout the down times if industry was slow I chose welding up and one thing lead to another. Before I knew that I had been in the ideal places at the ideal times and I turned into a Wall St trader for a while. Soon after I was a Real Estate Broker flipping houses during the actual estate boom.

But in the long run, I wind up welding and it's what I like the most. Welding has become my small business and that is precisely what I do.

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