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Daryl Bryant was born on May 23, 1977 to 2 loving and fantastic parents. Daryl grew up having the older sister, and lived in a tiny New Jersey town that was rural.

Daryl had a very busy childhood and teenage years, enjoying sports and participating in football, baseball, basketball, wrestling, and even tap dance to mention a few. In addition, Daryl also enjoyed Jiu-Jitsu golfing, hunting, and more. Daryl had a passion for his active lifestyle, if it had been playing or with a team. Football was his passion, and his team made it two years in a row. Despite dropping the finals the team managed to make it to Giants Stadium to get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

After high school Daryl was accepted into Montclair State University. Throughout his time at MSU, Daryl stayed active through his school years and developed close relationships; additionally, Daryl was intensely involved with his school fraternity. In 2000, Daryl graduated in math and computer science.

Following faculty, Daryl was hired by a software company in Nyc. The company created a proprietary technologies that provided coaching and statistical evaluation for corporate applications like Kraft, and PeopleSoft, IBM, SAP. Beginning as an alternative developer, Daryl rapidly advanced taking on managerial and technical sales responsibilities.

After only 1 year, Daryl was encouraged to quality assurance director and subsequently to direct sales engineer. His main responsibility was to present external technical sales support to the sales staff. Additionally, he prepared and delivered corporate demonstrations, technical demonstrations, and produ

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