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David Kirkpatrick is the author of the definitive book on Facebook, The Facebook Effect. He was senior editor for internet and technology at Fortune, which he joined in 1983. He covered technology business and the computer in addition to the effect of the Web . Today he is CEO and founder of both Techonomy Media, a seminar and publishing company focused on the role of technology in society and business. He's composed around Sean Parker and Jack Dorsey for Vanity Fair, also publishes regularly on LinkedIn and in

A meeting with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in September 2006--at the peak of the Business's News Feed controversy-- first piqued his interest in the Business. Despite being stayed up late the evening before writing an apology for his associates Zuckerberg at that assembly has been focused and calm. Kirkpatrick advised Zuckerberg he looked like a pure CEO, along with the 22-year-old behaved offended. He didn't see himself as a freelancer, but as a tech pioneer. From then on, Kirkpatrick followed Facebook writing it about for Fortune.

When he told Zuckerberg he wished to write a novel about the business, in January 2008, the young CEO's reaction was instant. "Proceed!" He said. Kirkpatrick did. With collaboration from the business and Zuckerberg, and after interviews with all of Facebook's leaders, he also wrote a novel that is the company's only authentic history. Facebook's narrative is chronicled by it at precisely the identical time that it assesses its impact on life and society. By knowing the background of Facebook, only, Kirkpatrick asserts, can Zuckerberg be understood by you and the provider acts the way it does. Understanding the company should enable you to use its service intelligently and more effectively.


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