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A young entrepreneur, a business pioneer, a highly recognized marketing expert, and a man who has surpassed new heights of financial and commercial success are just a couple of ways people have clarified Daymond John. Over the past 20 decades, Daymond has evolved from one of the very successful fashion icons of his generation to among the most sought after branding experts, business, and motivational speakers in the country.

Daymond’s creative vision and robust knowledge of the market helped him create one of their most iconic fashion brands in the past few decades. FUBU, standing for “For Us From Us”, represented a lifestyle which has been disregarded by other clothing companies. Realizing this demand in the marketplace, Daymond made the millennial urban apparel space and laid out the groundwork for other organizations to compete within this recently established market.

Daymond climbed up in the community of Hollis, Queens, rapidly becoming famous as the birthplace of the new genre of music named Hip-Hop, with acts such as RUN DMC and Salt-N-Peppa quickly creating names for themselves. Being surrounded within this powerful neighborhood helped spur the inspiration for his clothing line that would finally alter the style world.

His first foray to the apparel marketplace came after he desired a tie-top hat he'd observed in a favorite music movie but couldn't find one for a great price. With the sewing skills he'd learned from his mother, Daymond started making the hats to get himself and his buddies. Realizing he had been on to something, Daymond left a considerable purchase of their tie-top hats, sold them around the roads of Queens daily, also produced $800 in just a couple hours. There has been a buzz regarding Daymond’s products that just couldn't be dismissed.

According to this early victory, Daymond recruited some of his local buddies and FUBU has been born. They made a distinctive emblem and began sewing the FUBU logo on al

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