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I'm a mom of six, along with grandma of four boys, and married to my spouse for more than 25 years now. We're all born and raised in Southern Alberta, Canada. I have discovered my enthusiasm for writing, and like to compose life style, non fiction novels. I will try my hand at fiction at some point. I enjoy the outdoors, and also love to take my computer with me pretty much everywhere I go, there is always something to write about. My family is extremely supportive, and that I love them a lot more because of it.

It's possible to view two of my websites listed here, the two passions of mine. I also, use special needs children, and have a soft place in my heart for them.

My life motto:

I need to inspire folks, I want one to look at me and understand that they can do anything when they just never quit

I would like to do things with my life which make a huge difference

I won't waste time fretting about people who don't make me a better individual

I'll love me, simply because I'm me

I will instruct, as in teaching I understand that the many

I can listen without speaking

I will serve without whining

I will talk without breaking

I will not waste precious time, since any moment is valuable for me

I'll take nothing but memories and leave nothing but footprints

Bring it around, I'm ready!

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