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Writer, dog fan Deb Gray, researcher.

Deb has got her passion for small dogs and united it with her professional writing and researching talents, to attract readers honest down to earth information on the best way to raise a happy healthy small dog.

Deb isn't a vet. She's not educated in animal science fiction. She's not attached to Big Pharma or to some food companies. #x2019 & she;s simply a regular customer, like you, who have fed up with all the lies we’re advised every day about their wellness and our dogs. Lies like what goes into dog food. Lies like frequently vaccinations are needed by smallish dogs. Or the number of vaccinations they need.

As she learned more about dogs, and about a number of those deceptive information on the market, she chose to share info with fellow dog-lovers in a string of brief novels.

Simple and simple to comprehend, Deb’s novels don't have a hidden agenda. They are unbiased and honest.

And on the lighter side, Deb loves to float around star gossip sites to see who owns what in the canine world. Or which dogs are spoiled. Trivia just like the dog names annually and why they#x2019;re trending. Or even youtube movies featuring the dogs that are .

Deb has a Master's degree in English and functions in marketing & communications. She resides outside her fur-babies along with Toronto with her husband, Tinker Bell and Quentin.

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