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Lucky #x & you2013; Deb Graham was discovered by You! Deb is a self-published author of twelve non-fiction books, such as four railway travel guide novels laced with tales about her innocent (so he says) husband, and a book about how to write a single’s personal narrative, the way to complain, and several lunches, science, and craft novels for his six beloved grandma. Tips From The Cruise Addict’s Wife is a consistent best-seller. Along with Tips In The Cruise Addict’s Wife can cause you to the most-informed passenger on almost any cruise ship, while saving you a boatload of cash. All that understanding won & #x 2019; t hurt your mind: #x 2019 & Deb; s background in comedy sheds .

Leery of writing fiction for several years, Deb discovers she enjoys novel-writing nearly up to traveling books. Peril In Paradise, a cozy mystery set on (where else?) A cruise boat, takes you to Hawaii, together with particulars abundant enough to plan your own cruise. In actuality, #x 2019, it &;s centered on one of Deb’therefore cruises. . .minus the crime scenes. Murder is put on a cruise, and it& ##x2019;s selling like mad.

Deb’s superpowers include: being able to spell-check along with grammar-check along with her brain, heading up the making of 1006 quilts for Project Linus; a quick mind that empowers her to improvise on a dime; and her gift as a proficient bargain hunter, such as being able to find name-brand items with store tags still on them in 2nd hand shops with laser focus.

Deb enjoys traveling, anywhere that involves a bag, or –better yet—a passport. She has three grown children. It seems that publications’ flyleafs tell that the writer lives with a partner and cats. Sadly, although Deb Graham loves her husband, doesn't have cats.

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