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1966-1966 proceeded into Adelphi, MD six months. Allegedly.

1966-1970: The preschool years; fuzzy memories of hippies, astronauts.

1970-1978: Moved from Adelphi into Potomac, MD.. Attended flower-shaped basic school that had no partitions; original writing award; weird obsession with massacre.

1978-1981: Hormones.

1981-1984: Gigantic public high school; reams of angsty poetry; original bits published in Seventeen.

1984-1988: The faculty years, that contrasted with the crack/AIDS years: shot at gunpoint unrelentingly, matched carefully; made movies, shot photos, wrote articles for the school paper, conducted in school plays and also a single film, Key Exchange; bolstered by each creative writing course from the Harvard catalog.

1988-1992: The croissant/photojournalism years; stored clothing, personal items in Paris, France, while parachuting in from battle to conflict (Afghanistan, Israel, Romania, Zimbabwe, the USSR, etc.) Won awards,'d exhibitions; pictures published in Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, L'Express, Libération, Géo, Stern, etc..

1992-1998: Moved from Moscow to New York; created TV to ABC afterward NBC News; got married, had a couple of babies, won an Emmy, inexpertly juggled job and kids; loudly whined for subsidized daycare, secretly pined to be a writer.

1998-now: Wrote bestselling Shutterbabe, followed closely by unpublishable drivel, followed by Between Here and April, Hell is Other Parents, and also the New York Times bestselling The Red Book; printed essays from The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Elle, More, Slate, Paris Match, O, and others; shot photo assignments; shot and produced a documentary at Pakistan to get CNN in the wake of 9/11; turned into a columnist for The Financial Times; performed live on stage with The Moth, Afterbirth, Six Word Memoir, along with Eve Ensler's

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