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Available in exquisite fresh ebook and print variations: MIRACLE, SILK AND STONE, and THE SILVER FOX

These books, which I wrote some years back, come back in print with all terrific cover art, placing a new face on a few of my favourite "backlist" works.

Coming Summer 2017--THE KITCHEN CHARMER, the new first in my Crossroads Cafe collection of books and novellas.

I've nearly forty novels and story collections on the reading pleasure; all here on Amazon (and for sale elsewhere.) Make sure you check out the audiobooks for a number of the names.

Coming in March 2015 -- my brand new hot modern novella series, THE RIDGE. Written below my pen name. All these ebook novellas are filled. An overlook at the Appalachians, the Ridge, is rumored to be postponed. Ladies claim to have been seduced by the souls of men condemned for betraying into the lands that are wild . The Ridge is the website of a hill lodge where she has been, immobilized by her client, a investor for a weekend with ten ace pc game programmers he plans to blackmail. Her job? To get them into extreme sex acts while cameras picture their deepest desires. On reuniting with Kelt Evans, who championed a young gamer he understood as Triple Threat, but she didn't count. He got her heart. Now, can she get his forgiveness with the support of stranger who's not one of the living? The Ridge-- bothKelt and Gillian.

Also coming in March: The Ridge, Rowan and Brake. A Senator, her dad, convinced her to sign up a pledge that was chastity . The pledge was honored by Rowan since, but because the raunchy fan of Rowan's greatest buddy, her father reveals his secret life that was hypocritical at times. Caught on tape

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