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Deborah DeLisi was expressing creativity as she can remember. By the time she held crayons and pencils she felt at home drawing pictures and writing poems and stories. Growing up in a large family in New Jersey, she discovered silent time in her words and art.
During her lifetime she has channeled her creative talents to bring folks a sense of pleasure and self-discovery through her artwork, books, workshops and presentations. She has spoken to groups in Canada, the united states, Mexico, Israel and Europe, weaving threads of experience with her viewers. Her imagination is a companion for her life challenges, and that metaphorical dragon has been ridden by her outside into again many times and the cosmos. Getting beyond cancer, heavy losses, and the horrible death of her 29 year-old daughter allow her draw and to write from an area of authenticity. Through it all, Deb maintains a belief in the ability of love and the importance of finding ways to engage with the life.  
She resides in close to the serene ocean that brings her butt in Southern California.

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