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Dr. Deb Bauer received her doctor of Chiropractic in 1994 and practiced for several years at Atlanta, GA, before moving to the west shore. She received certification in Bio-energetic Synchronization Methods, Reiki, nutrition, and Kinesiology. With a passion for wellness, she has researched the many strategies to promote a more sustainable lifestyle in an increasingly demanding world and healthful living.

Her background also has food support, English horseback riding, violin, Real Estate, sales and marketing spanning a long time and nations. She enjoys food, writing and has two grown children residing in Kansas City, along with Sarah, residing in the Portland, OR area. She is an avid gardener, (simply ask her about heirloom tomatoes!) Hiker, research workers and adventure.

Todd Bauer, the co-author of "Love Grounds and Coffee Poems"that he received his BFA in Oregon College of Art and Craft. His medium is oil painting and he adores using colours in the producing of functions. Carl Jung's understanding of symbols has influenced Todd's utilization of circle imagry.

When the market changed, so did his business and he now has opted for a more traditional career path which he likes.

He likes hiking, exploring new areas, reading, and making fantastic omelettes on Sundays. He is never tired of Deb.

Todd and Deborah Bauer initially came together over coffee and pumpkin bread.
On their first meeting, Deb indicated they break up, explaining that now would be the ideal time since there is no baggage, no hurt feelings, no offenses and no blame game and absolutely no drama. How can there be, even as we do not even know each other? She inquired, how many times have you broken up with someone and got to be friends? Todd thought it made a lot of sense, so that they broke up there and right then. A Few minutes afte

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