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Bestselling, award-winning writer Deb Baker writes the hilarious Gertie Johnson mystery series set in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. An native Yooper herself, Deb brings her blend of humor and sass to everything she writes, '' such as mysteries written under her pen name Hannah Reed.

Deb's total- span Gertie novels (in order) include Murder Passes the Buck, Murder Grins and Bear It's Murder Talks Turkey, Murder Eats Crow. Shorter functions: Murder Bites the Bullet, Murder Begins at Home, '' Murder Comes in Threes (anthology), Murder Trims the shrub, Murder Decks the Halls, Cooking May be Murder.

Dolls to Die For novels: Dolled Up To Murder, Goodbye Dolly, Dolly Departed, Guise and Dolls

As Hannah Reed - Queen Bee mysteries: Buzz Off, Mind Your Own Beeswax, Plan Bee, Beeline to Trouble, Beewitched. Scottish Highlands: Off Kilter, Hooked on Ewe, Dressed to Kilt

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