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Debra is a nationally known teacher and author with a really unique mix of certificate and life experiences that left her uniquely qualified to establish/manage the Meehl Foundation. Among other matters, Debra has come to be a popular interdenominational pastoral adviser and holds a Doctorate of Divinity, is an intensively trained DBT skills coach, an Amen-certified brain health coach, and a board certified. Since the president and founder of this Meehl Foundation, Debra has worked closely with clients from all over the globe; assisting them surmount dogma, self, expectation, irrational belief, and cyclic suffering so as to create a life worth living. Her uncommonly comprehensive approach to counseling adopts personal opinion and combines this with evidence-based procedures to make a personalized course of action that is exclusive to this individual. For over 10 years now, Debra has dedicated herself to helping countless men and women cure the negative patterns and trauma of their own lives and in doing step right into a life of credibility and goal. Debra is frequently described by the others as being the ‘prudent adviser’ or even the ‘voice of reason. ’ the ability to see all sides of an issue whilst keeping the clarity of distance is possessed by her. A rare potential for unconditional love plays into her each job, as she seeks to understand and help others grasp the source of their existence. She helps promote a more comprehensive and open culturescape for everybody involved by dispersing the knowledge gained through decades of thirstful searching. By opening her home to clients, she provides a truly warm, affectionate, and inviting setting wherein people may heal and find themselves—sometimes for the very first moment. Debra can be found searching for a missing cup of coffee, reading more books about wellness and, when she is not preoccupied with clients

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