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Dean Baker co-founded CEPR at 1999. His areas of research include macroeconomics and home property, Social Security, Medicare and labor markets. He is the author of several novels, such as Rigged the Modern Economy's Rules and Globalization Were Structured to Create the Rich Richer. His blog, "Beat the Press," gives comment on economic reporting. He also received his B.A. from Swarthmore College and his Ph.D. in Economics in the University of Michigan.

His investigations have appeared in several major publications, including the Atlantic Monthly, the Washington Post, the London Financial Times, and the New York Daily News. He received his Ph.D in economics from the University of Michigan.

Dean has written several books, his most recent being Rigged: How Globalization and the Rules of the Modern Economy Were Structured to Make the Rich Richer (Center for Economic and Policy Research 2016). His other publications include Getting back to Full Employment: A Better Bargain for Working People (with Jared Bernstein, Center for Economic and Policy Research 2013), The conclusion of Loser Liberalism: Earning Money Progressive (Center for Economic and Policy Research 2011), Taking Economics Really (MIT Press 2010) which believes through what we might gain if we took the ideological blinders off of basic financial fundamentals; and False Profits: Recovering in the Bubble Economy (PoliPoint Press 2010) about exactly what caused — and how to fix — the current economic crisis. In 2009, he wrote Plunder and Blunder: The Fall and Rise of the Bubble Economy (PoliPoint Press), that chronicled the rise and collapse of this stock and housing bubbles and clarified how policy blunders and greed led to the devastating — but completely predictable — marketplace meltdowns. He also wrote a chapter ("From Financial Crisis to Opportunity") in Thinking Big: Progressive Suggestions for

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