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DENISE AND ALAN FIELDS have offered two million books, focused on broadcasting the consumer maze of life's most important decisions: getting married, having a baby and raising children. But how do two folks wind up writing consumer books?

The Fields satisfied while attending the University of Colorado at Boulder. Denise has been a history specializing in Elizabethan England; Alan was studying the marketing of goods to Albania. We wish there was some story about how the couple met, but it is rather boring--they ran to each other at a dormitory during the infamous Bronco Blizzard.

Denise and Alan became authors because they couldn't find some gainful employment. Following college, Denise understood that the unemployment rate for Elizabethan England scholars was 132 percent. Alan's career for a college paper columnist and disk jockey fizzled out. Since they had a lot of spare time, they authored a small book called Austin Weddings, about their travails going their own wedding at the capital of Texas (where they'd moved after graduating from CU).

Then something clicked. The Fields' consumer advice was a hit with brides and the publication became a local best-seller. Realizing they had found a means without needing to find real jobs to create a living, Denise and Alan made wedding guides out to Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, San Diego and Denver.

At this time, the Fields understood something many other so-called marriage experts refused to acknowledge. Forget all this fancy etiquette stuff--what grooms and brides wanted to know was how to have a good deal. After that theme, their national publication was written by the Fields Bridal Bargains, on weddings.

Obviously the book was unpopular amongst members of this "wedding industry" was an understatement. The Fields were prohibited from a

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