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If life is about living, it is well worth living well. To survive is to be wise. Being wise shows the others how to become wise. That increase of wisdom was my fundamental motivation.

The common theme through all my job is diverging from dissatisfaction. It is impossible to be happy and enjoy life if you are frustrated (discontent, gloomy, unbalanced, unhappy, sorrowful, anguish). I have finally figured out that being dissatisfied is optional. That what is behind that which I write about in articles and my publications.

If that topic interests you, then the Personal Transformation show may interest you. The first is PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION: FAILURE ALMOST INSTANTLY TO DIMINISH. The second is THE THREE THINGS THE REST OF US SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ZEN TRAINING. The next is THE MEDITATIVE APPROACH TO PHILOSOPHY. The fourth is GETTING THINGS DONE. The fifth is currently MASTERY IN 7 STEPS.

These are introductory books that stand alone. They may be read in any order. (MASTERY IN 7 STEPS is the most comprehensive.) More than one has made Amazon Kindle #1 Bestseller standing at a sub-category. None is pricey. Not one includes filler or fluff.

Lately, getting shrewd (living well or) is not a matter of gaining anything. On the contrary, it is a matter of letting go, dropping compulsive thoughts (like and particularly gratuitous, egocentric tests). That is something all of us are able to learn to perform. Each of us is a potential sage. What's required? Be of one mind.

As a practical matter, I think in relation to six domains of well-being [in no particular order]: psychological, financial, intellectual, ethical (inter-personal), physical, and spiritual (and that isn't necessarily the same as religious). My blog posts are categorized into those six regions; if one interests you, then visit any blog article, use the navbar on the left, then scroll down to the program

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