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Debs Crosoer is an Equine Podiatrist located in the South of the United Kingdom. #x2019 & she;s passionate about helping horses get the hooves they can, also also has a powerful interest in health, healing psychology and remedies for both horses and people.

Her career with brothers started in 2000 with natural horsemanship methods to help owners and horses overcome behavioral issues. That she took a course in Okinawan Bodywork Dynamics based in shiatsu and martial arts. Debs acquired a fascination with healthcare, the way the hooves interact with the rest of the horse’s body and vice versa.

Debs believes in making things as simple as possible, but no simpler than this, and enjoys to help horse owners achieve the greatest results they can, without generating stress or a lot of chores.

She's an active trimmer, horse health and hoof care professional, working with regular and occasional clients, both in person and through online consultations. She teaches horse owners around healthcare through articles, books and courses. You will discover more through her website, along with her busy facebook, twitter and google+ pages.

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