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Denise Donovan is the Founder and Manager of The (IBBRA) The International Bed Bug Resource Authority, and also a specialist on educating folks about bed bugs globally. As a consultant, and research workers in the bedbug business, Denise educates a three step process of Educate, Evaluate and Initiate techniques while balancing the risks of pesticides and safety.

Denise sees dwelling life styles changing due to bedbugs' hitch-hiking and hiding skills. She's gone on public television KCAL-LA together with her "be aware--not scare" program. This book will enable you to detect bedbugs ancient, and eliminate them using the IPM practices that are green. She also works to promote product disclosure and therapy credibility.

Denise has shaped a Bed Bug Crisis Hotline to establish common sense solutions using compassion and innovation in sensitive habitats. The Hotline functions as a liaison between landlords and tenants, hotel-keepers and guests, both businesses and employees, to create "no-blame" options for bedbugs.


With Bed Bugs Gone Totally Wild, Denise showed the world how to outsmart the bed insect by exposing all of their dirty secrets. She exposes their traits, hiding places, their feeding patterns they grab a ride home with you, who and the best way to render them helpless.

She's helped tens of thousands of bed insect victims through a three step procedure of Educate, Evaluate and Initiate. Learn "if" you have them and why you need a professional if you do.

Her advice is inspirational in its exceptionally informative in what it shows about bed bugs which makes it possible to understand why bed bugs will become a method of life.

With innovative advice that has been proven effective for thousands whose lives have been changed by Denise's metho

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