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Derek Haines is a writer of quite a number of novels, however, he spends most of his time blogging, so making tech go horribly wrong, and also eventually become a somewhat old ESL English teacher.

Produced in Australia, but currently living in Switzerland with his wife along with also his black Cocker Spaniel, he passes many hours, trying to make technology work again, after inadvertently breaking it. It's a painful procedure, however it’s this effective time-management system in obtaining new technical abilities.

As I’m a writer – I can change adroitly from the next person into the first person, and say I love what I do and where I live, and also, that I am a Douglas Adams enthusiast, bordering to a horrible. So much so, that by some spooky coincidence, my street address is 42. That’s much more impressive than simply having a towel and using ready access to beer and peanuts.

But peanuts and beer are vitally important, because they supply essential sustenance during my bouts of composing, which although uncommon, usually happen in a horizontal position.
I should mention here that I'm really fond of acronyms, anagrams, allegories and alliteration, too.

Additionally, I really like commas. The Oxford kind, or even. But quite perversely, I'm not enamoured by quote marks. I use them , singularly when you can, but even then, only under sufferance. In terms of semicolons; that really knows how to use them?

Apart from my never-ending punctuation conundrums, I like life, very good food, wine, beer, and I take every day as it comes – thankfully.

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