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I have many passions, which I pursue (or have chased) with constant persistence. With few exceptions, after a particular interest latches onto me I'm obsessed with it until mastery is accomplished, or my close command is overrun by sudden disinterest. In either case the fixation subsides, the mania will be left handed, and that I pursue the second.

Though this personality defect can be quite exasperating it's yielded some insignificant achievements. A collection of oil paintings and charcoal drawings which won blue, red, and white vases in a county fair -- a tiny county; I haven't painted since. A private pilot’so permit; I don’t even fly anymore. A shoot-off in a country championship trap shoot; I have not taken since. Multiple levels; many of that I do not use. Mastery of this nunchakus -- which was faked prior to my Kung-fu teacher would teach me that the staff; I have not practiced since. A teacher’s certification with the Billiard Congress of America; though I stopped enjoying the first week I got the certificate I'd write a book on advanced pocket billiards. Many excursions criss the continent; I barely ever traveling. A onetime only, two-over-par onto a somewhat difficult nine-hole golf course; of course, I don& ##x2019;t golf. Both time Babe Ruth all-star; also because you have not heard of me in the majors it's safe to presume I don't play baseball any longer. Two trivial literary awards along with several articles printed in journals that are vague; I do still write. Several songs in different genres from country to moderate rock, to blues and hymns; that I really do play and compose songs. A few successful smallish businesses with that I’ve eked out a meager living; and additional conquests barely worth mentioning. For the last several decades I have been obsessed with boxing; yet while I am very anxious because of this mania to cease it did resulted in my novel Mastering

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