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Allie Theiss, MSc, is a generation as well as a Certified Professional Sex Coach relationship expert. After she graduated in the University of Akron with a BA in Psychology, she went on to get Expert sex training certification from Gender Coach U under the guidance of two world-class sexologists, America's Sex Coach: Dr. Patti Britton along with Dr. Robert Dunlap. Allie is currently a graduate of Marie Forleo's Hot, Joyful & Rich B-School and has a Master's in IO Psychology. Her advice style integrates the mind, soul and emotions and the body. Think of it as guidance with a twist! She is the creator of:Out of Body Ecstasy that's a personal energy method using dreams, astral travel or telepathy, to enhance your sex life no matter if you are in a relationship or flying solo and Power Blending - the art of mixing private energy to offer you the ideal relationship from the boardroom to the bedroom!

Formerly she conducted an erotica music company for women called Whispers Media in which she wrote the audio script, did sex toy reviews and gender Q & A. At that identical time Allie was also the sexpert for the "L" Word on the web in Second Life.

Allie wrote 4 books around Gypsy Magic, "Gypsy Magic for the Soul" series. The novels are a mixture of family secrets, customer successes, and also what she's researched on Gypsy Lore.

IF YOU BOUGHT A GYPSY MAGIC BOOK AFTER JUNE 2009: My Gypsy Girl Press web site is no more legitimate. To obtain your free stuff as mentioned in the books - please send an email to: gypsyadvice (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thank you.

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