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Return to Actual TeaSome years back, Americans drank largely Ceylon Tea, the world's finest. Nowadays, just about any brand you buy is a multi-origin mix that's a mixture of teas from several countries, in order to lower cost. Dilmah, new into the U.S, is the number one brand of authentic, garden new Single Origin Ceylon tea in over 90 countries.

Single strand 100% Pure CeylonDilmah is entirely grown, handpicked & packaged in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), manufacturer of the world's greatest tea. Single Origin clarifies why Dilmah is skinnier, wealthier & high in flavour. Discerning tea drinkers may understand the distinct difference in the very first sip.   History of Ceylon Tea

Packed at Source, Garden FreshPackaging at Sri Lanka, within the days of picking new leaf in the tea fields, optimizes warmth, the key to antioxidants from tea.

Family CommitmentFounder Merrill J. Fernando's face looks on each bunch of Dilmah tea, due to his personal guarantee of the quality & freshness of Dilmah. Merrill & his 2 sons Dilhan & Malik (from whose names the brand name has been coined) offer aficionados a really different experience of tea.

Conventional ManufactureOrdinary teas have abandoned that the centuries' old "orthodox" method of fabrication for its fast track "CTC" (cut twist curl) process, to meet need for a faster beverage from tea bags. This has forfeited the personality & real taste of tea. Dilmah stands firmly by conventional tea making techniques, which clarifies why Dilmah tea tastes quite different.

Dilmah is the world's first genuinely ethical tea.Dilmah is the only global brand name possessed by indigenous growers. We pack our tea shelf prepared, right where it's grown. Earnings thus stay in Sri Lanka for the advantage of our workers.

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