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Alida Winternheimer is a author, editor, and instructor in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She's the author of this Story Works Guide to Writing Fiction Series, The Skoghall Mystery Series, A Stone's Throw, and the book. Her stories "The Herd" and "Wild Animal" were nominated for The Pushcart Prize, and she’s been published in Water~Stone Review, Storm Cellar Quarterly, Midwestern Gothic, and several other newspapers.  

One of her earliest stories, "Henry Humbug," was recently retrieved from the parents’ cabinet, where it might have been lost to the ages. Alida wrote and illustrated that gem in her Nana's pink vegas rambler at age eight.

Alida and Seva the Wonder Dog function as a demonstration team for Helping Paws of Minnesota. She pulls animals and frequently hand them except for bees and crocodiles (which freak her out). Her favorite creature is her own daughter.  

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