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DidoSphere is a prosperous financial executive at a privately held manufacturing firm in the great state of New Jersey. Previously, he had been the Vice President of Finance of The Kuoni Group and the Accounting Director of Cantel Medical. He had been responsible for the financial aims, retirement and benefit plans, investment targets and funding structures of the companies he worked for.

DidoSphere called the approximate start and end of the great recession of 2007-2009. In his latest book, Living Rich & Loving It, the author shows the reader how to forecast the time of the next recession and what to try to profit from this knowledge. The publication contains advice on how to:

- Produce an easy budget you can live with
- Maximize contributions to your retirement accounts
- Get rid of all your consumer debts
- Never Drop money in the Stock Exchange
- Predict the start and the end of a recession
- Purchase your main residence
- Choose between a traditional 401k and a Roth 401k
- Accumulate around $6 million on your retirement account
- subtract the amount of life insurance you desire
- Ascertain the Ideal time to Begin collecting social safety
- bettering your Social Security benefits
- Purchase long-term maintenance
- Qualify for Medicaid
- Preserve your life savings
- Manage crises with “an emergency fund”
- Find the job you enjoy
- Fund your kids’s school education
- Find creative ways to increase your income
- Create a record storage and recovery system
- Employ a personal time management strategy
- Store and shield passwords
- Plan for retirement
- Find the best place to retire
- spend your leisure time wisely
- Stay healthy and fit
- Live a wealthy, happy and healthy life

DidoSphere is a freelance writer, author and columnist with 30 Decades of accounting a

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