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DL Davito resides in North Carolina with his family near the Inter-coastal Waterway. Among his passions is his old sailboat and carrying overnight sails Seadog, together with his Lab.

It is during these jaunts he can think about the mysteries of life under a starlit sky and allow the seeds of his own tales to take origin. Research and personal experience will be the foundation of his books. Character development and storyline are his trademark. Need seduction, passion and fulfillment are his presents.

His erotic novellas written under the show titled “The Tenth Commandment – coveting other mens wives” investigates the topic of forbidden fruit. The extra element of danger in seducing another wife of carrying something taboo along with the passion, can greatly improve lust and sensuality in both women and men alike.

Unlike much published erotica, his writing style and descriptive prose coupled with a good narrative and attention to detail provides the reader a highly pleasurable experience. Development and endings, in addition to sexual experiences that are thrilling, are his hallmarks.

A sample of the work can be seen at the free short story, “The Job”.
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