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Hello. If you do not already know me, then I'm a physician, author, stress mentor and Creator of the Anxiety Mastery Academy. For the last 30 decades, I've been helping people eliminate stress from their lives without having to handle it. I have also been the official sponsor of National Stress Awareness Month from the U.S. every April since 1992. Please have a peek at a few of the novels about stress I have written, such as many recent Kindle titles.

All my books revolve around one central message--that each of us is a whole lot more effective at eliminating anxiety than we give ourselves credit for. The problem is the majority of what we've been taught to believe about stress isn't really correct. And all my books demonstrates how to conquer these prevalent stress misconceptions.

I am currently 65, however for its first 30 years of my entire life, I was dreadfully awful at handling anxiety. I was upset, irritable, nervous, frustrated and tense much of the moment. My connections were frequently strained, and I sometimes felt unhappy about the point of being hopeless that life could ever be enjoyable for me.

Now, however, and for the past 35 years, I barely ever feel angry or stressed anymore. I've been happily married to my spouse Christina for 29 decades and I could not be happier with my own life and all of the opportunities before me.

What made the difference for me was finding out just how wrong many of our ideas about anxiety truly are now and then having the fantastic fortune to gain new understandings that led me to build up both the coping and teaching abilities I have now.

Please explore some of the book you will see listed here. I believe that you'll find them to be quite different from most other books about anxiety you may have struck before.

Thank you for visit my author central site and Should You read any of my novels and find them personally rewarding, please be sure to come back and render a revi

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