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Dianne Mize was a teacher of painting and drawing to the previous decades and is a lifelong artist. She began in English and Visual Art. Later she taught in Georgia’s Governor’s Honors Program for six decades, having chaired the Visual Arts program for a few of these.

She chaired the Department of Visual Art at Piedmont College for ten years before co-founding with her life-partner the late Dr. Howard G. Hanson, the Dianne Mize Studio, where she taught until her retirement in 2007.

Dianne holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting and received an undergraduate minor in music. Music has become important to her as painting. Throughout her years at Governor’s Honors, she devised a course known as the Creative Process researching how creative acts flow via a similar procedure of getting manifest though the results may be enormously different.

Her investigations from the imaginative process confirmed her teaching doctrine of Individual Uniqueness asserting that if an individual is responding out of his or her deepest self, the results will likely be unique no matter their genre or subject. It is her insistence on asserting.

Dianne resides in the foothills of the Appalachians in Northeast Georgia together with her schnauzer, Maggie. She continues to paint, compose, perform her hammered dulcimer and enjoy nature's mysteries that surround her.

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