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A Michigan native who researched composing in college, Donna first came to Vegas to make costumes and shortly was weaving the stories she heard in the rear of the girls' dressing room to her very first novel. Now she's the writer of this Alexandra Merritt Mysteries, including 'The Last Two Experts in Las Vegas', 'The Las Vegas Desert Flower', ' 'The ' Las Vegas Particular', ' 'Tough Ride in Vegas', ''M. I.A. Las Vegas' and the recently published "The Las Vegas Sophisticate'.
Donna has written many other stand-alone thrillers, 'Desperate Ambition', on a political assassination, 'The appropriate Society', about a devout Christian family which moves into a spiritual community and finds it's easier to get in than it is to get out, also 'The Other Hand', about a famous athlete who leaves his family to get a young, virginal woman. When that they divorce, she pops slaughtered. He's the principal suspect, however not the only one. Donna has a favorite collection of historical romances, The Manhattan Stories, ' 'Jessica', ' 'Pillsbury Crossing', ' 'The Cabin', ' 'Kimimela', 'D'Arcy Curran' and 'Curran Glen'. A seventh in this series is going to be released.
Her light-hearted perform, 'Conversations With Skip', is the narrative of a guardian dog embraced by a young woman having difficulty sleeping after her divorce. With his strange ability to convey, he's soon running her life, arranging her romances, and teaching her to laugh again.
Her hottest book, 'Maude', the narrative of her Grandmother, is now currently a #1 best-seller on Amazon and has spent several weeks on the Wall Street Journal's Top-10 list. 'Maude' is now available as an audiobook, was recently released in Italian and Russian and is currently being translated to German and Slovak for upcoming foreign variants.
She's also written three screenplays, a stage drama, poetry, short stories, and also a children's narrative.
Donna stills takes occasional classes at UNLV and at writer's conferences

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