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When I began stressing about my own drinking I was in my 30's. I was not suffering from some alcohol-related issues, however I had been health conscious and significant drinking and its consequences didn't fit into my future. And even though I had been concerned about my drinking I did not think it was severe enough to prevent and combine AA - my only options at the time.

Equipped with an MA and California College Teaching Credential in psychology, so I started counselling drinkers in 1985 and started Drink/Link Moderate Drinking Programs at 1988. I believed there was a real need to offer you a commonsense mild drinking plan to problem drinkers like myself - instructing drinkers to modify drinking customs and attitudes and reduce alcohol intake. Problem drinkers resisted alcoholics. And also a problem drinker remains capable of reversing a drinking problem and coming back to secure, responbsible drinking with early intervention. If you offer this enormous people of problem drinkers - who suffer from years of alcohol abuse and finally graduate into alcoholism - a more sensible, middle-of-the-road program you could prevent countless drinkers from crossing the point to alcoholism!

I haven't struggled with a drinking problem for years. I automatically know when to stop and revel in the peace of mind knowing I will never be concerned about my drinking. I've written three novels, 7 Weeks to Safe Social Drinking: How to Effectively Moderate Your Alcohol Intake, Moderate Cooking - Naturally! Herbs and Herbs to Control Your Cooking and the most recent, the Moderate Cooking Made Easy Workbook: Drinker-Friendly Tips and Exercises to Control ingesting and Reduce Alcohol Craving and Consumption.

I invite you to call or email me with questions or worries about your drinking and I'll provide you my own take. Totally confidential and free. In closing, keep this thought in your mind: a healthy lifestyle - emotionally and physically - is the

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