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Donald Marshall is currently a whistleblower that has exposed the highest degree Illuminati secrets and wisdom on the planet, for which the most relevant info and higher level Illuminati secrets can be discovered via his FB page, starting from March 2012 to December 2015. He proceeds to expose that the Illuminati, and factions of the Illuminati, that comprises: Freemasonry, Scientology, and the Vril Society; 32nd Degree Freemasonry understanding between R.E.M (rapid eye movement) sleep driven human cloning; and 33rd Degree Freemasonry knowledge and high level Scientology comprehension, involving the ancient underground species named “Vril”.

Donald Marshall proceeds to expose the real nature of this Illuminati, where heads of nations, top ranking members of authorities, royalty, celebrities, politicians, and also the richest people on this world, meet as R.E.M (rapid eye movement) sleep compelled human copy versions of these, activated via the process of consciousness transfer, from their first bodies for their own R.E.M driven human clone alternatives, whenever these folks sleeping, and as a result: R.E.M sleep compelled human cloning technology, is employed as a system of communication to implement changes throughout the world which affects the lives of billions of people.

He also proceeds to expose the underground troglodytes, for that their biological property, the proboscis, has been used to parasite individual intelligence, and turn humans, and human consciousness, in “human hosts” –wherever the lizard consciousness simplifies the human body. Donald Marshall’s vulnerability on the Vril / reptilian conspiracy has numerous myths –such as, for example: if Vril are ‘mystical’ or ‘magical’, ‘shape-shift’, or are ‘a coming race’.

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