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Produced Roger Margason in Rockford, Illinois, far too many years before, Dorien emerged, just like Athena from the sea, full-blown with the very first publication in the Dick Hardesty Mystery show in 2000. Roger, a lifelong book and magazine editor, is responsible of all of the particulars of daily living, permitting Dorien complete freedom to write books and sites. The Dick Hardesty show has been followed with the Elliott Smith Mystery show, which now alternates with the Dick Hardesty series.

Dorien emerged partly because Roger has ever augmented reality. It's much too capricious and also frequently unkind and unfair. Roger avoids reflective surfaces when possible. Having Dorien as an alter ego allows the "duo" to make their own simple, and worlds through that they have some degree of control.

Both are incurable romantics, believing strongly in things that reality perspectives too often with contempt, like happy endings, authentic love, and the baic goodness of people.

As the real life spokesman for the set up and using "I" for both, the one personal characteristic in which I take great pride, and has been my rock during life is that I never, ever, requires myself too seriously. If one has a choice between negative and positive, why would anyone (although too many people do) opt for the drawback? Life is not always kind, however, it is a gift beyond measure, and also yet one that must all too shortly be given back. I truly try to appreciate and be thankful for ever single day allocated to me.

For the majority of individuals, kids are not their posterity. For me, as a gay man, it is my words which will, I expect, stand as evidence that I was here (albeit, however long I may live, never long enough to satisfy me).

And because written words aren't unless somebody reads them, I am heavily reliant on my subscribers, who I sincerely believe to be partners and traveling companions on each journey my writing embarks on.

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